Athlete Performance SmartView

    Machine Learning to predict the likelihood of injury.

In the Sports Sector, predicting and intercepting an injury is critical to ensuring an athlete meets their performance objectives and has the best chance of successfully competing.

The Athlete Performance SmartView Solution uses Machine Learning to allows organisations to identify patterns in the drivers of injury drawing on a range of performance and wellness factors, allowing near sighted intervention and medium term planning of a training regime.

Predict and
  • Consolidated training and fitness factors including pre-game, competition and post-match wellness
  • Coaches and athletes armed with real-time scores
  • Insight to tailor training regimes to suite propensity of injury predicted
Live Recommendation Engine
  • Timeliness of analysis reducing the lag from evidence to recommendation
  • Azure Machine Learning Predictive Model delivering near real-time predictions
  • Cortana Intelligence Services enabled to collect real-time data from devices and performance monitoring
  • 2 weeks of injury / recovery reduces an athlete‘s ability to reach their target by 80%
  • Taking preventative action allows coaches to train to potential instead of injury
  • Investment can be better allocated to training development instead of injury treatment
We can lose up to 20 per cent of an athlete’s training time due to injury and illness
- Nick Brown, Deputy Director for Performance, Science and Innovation, Australian Institute of Sport

Our Promise to you

Athlete Performance SmartView gives you cutting edge insight into the wellness of athletes, likelihood of injury and arms coaches with invaluable information to get the best out of each session.

Solution in Action

Injury Prediction Model using Azure Machine Learning

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    Solution Benefits

    • Gain a competitive advantage and utilize the data you collect for your athletes more effectively
    • Reduce time to insight from days or even weeks to better arm sports scientists, coaches and athletes
    • Take preventative action to avoid the painful and expensive cost of injury to both athlete, team and club alike.