Accelerating the Benefits of a Data Lake

Accelerating the Benefits of a Data Lake

Exploring the techniques for successful Big Data implementations

Establishing a Data Lake is an important foundation for a Modern Analytics Platform that enables unstructured data processing, real-time analytics and exploratory data science.  However, it involves much more than simply provisioning storage. 

Onboarding a myriad of data types to a Data Lake demands considerable skill and planning to ensure that the benefits are realised rather than creating the proverbial "Data Swamp".  

With a variety of technologies and stakeholders for a Data Lake, having a seamless orchestration is critical for the longevity of its use. 

Watch the webinar to explore how our Data Lake Accelerator solution combines the power of your choice of Azure Data Lake, Databricks, Python, Azure Data Factory, Hadoop and Parquet to automate your big data workflows, all through a single web-based application.

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