Azure 360. Understanding Azure Resources

Azure 360. Understanding Azure Resources

Welcome back and Happy Friday. First quarter of 2017 is already gone!

One of the main selling point of the cloud is the "unlimited resources" pitch. But is it unlimited? Can I go out now, get myself a Pay-As-You-Go subscription and run up 5000 D15 type machines (20 cores each)? Can I consume 10,000 cores on my subscription? The answer is clearly "NO".

There are two types of limitations:

Soft limitation: Can be modified by request to Microsoft. Example: PAYG subscription has by default 10 Cores limitation. That can be lifted by request from Microsoft.

Hard limitations: Those cannot be lifted up by Microsoft. Example: Page blob (storage) is limited for 1TB.

The good news is, that with proper understanding and planning, it is possible to overcome most of the limitations.

There is a very detailed  document from Microsoft explaining the quotas per subscription and service limits:


Allow me to point out the more common limits: (the ones that there is a chance you might hit)

1.       SQL Database (PaaS) - 500GB

2.       SSD storage (Azure Premium storage) is available in LRS configuration only

3.       IaaS VM's can be backed up only once daily (To Azure backup vault)

4.       Private IP Addresses per virtual network is limited to 4096

5.       200 Storage accounts per subscription

6.       Backup Vault has to be located at the same region as the VM's


In most cases, when you hit a service limit, there is another cloud solution that might fit. There is always the option to fall back to a VM in IaaS. If 500GB is not enough for your SQL database, a VM running SQL server might be the answer.


That is it for today. See you next Friday.