BizData Quarterly Newsletter - January 2021

BizData Quarterly Newsletter - January 2021

BizData Announces Karen White as our new Director of Data Quality and Process Improvement

BizData is proud to announce Karen White as the new director of Data Quality and Process Improvement. Karen brings over 15 years experience in Data Warehousing, Business Analysis, Data Analytics, Analytics Training & Mentoring, Project Management and Process Re-engineering & Optimisation. Karen has been part of BizData since 2005, and has provided end-to-end analytics solutions to customers across a wide breadth of industries.

Karen is passionate about helping businesses achieve a step change in their data quality and business processes. Karen has a strong track record in establishing best practice methodologies to encourage continuous improvement for teams and organisations.

Loome has been selected as an official Azure Synapse Data Integration Partner in 2021.

The Loome team have developed a unique governance workbench that seamlessly integrates with Azure Synapse allowing you to quickly onboard your data to the cloud and load your entire data source into ADLS in Parquet format.

You can orchestrate data pipelines across data engineering, data science and HPC workloads, including native integration with Azure Data Factory, Python, SQL, Synapse Spark, and Databricks.

Loome allows you to easily monitor Data Quality exceptions reinforcing Synapse as your strategic Data Quality Hub. Loome keeps an audit trail of resolved issues, and proactively manages data quality with a fully automated data quality engine generating audience targeted alerts in real-time.
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Power BI Updates

DirectQuery for Power BI datasets, new model view, Premium Per User and more.

Power BI Updates for the last quarter have continued to focus on improving usability across a range of different functions including updated iconography for fields, a new model view to support complex datasets and color coding for table cards. One of the most exciting updates this quarter is the preview release of DirectQuery for Power BI data sets and Azure Analysis Services, a feature we are rapt to start taking advantage of with our customers.
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Customer Success Stories

Process Governance and Modernisation with Microsoft Power Apps

A leading University using Excel to manage multi-departmental annual planning and reporting sought to introduce a more governed and streamlined process to capture data and improve data quality.

The University sought a solution that would provide a more secure, governed, and standardised approach to both capturing the initial plan and supporting a forecast update on a monthly basis.
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Analytics Platform Modernisation with Azure Synapse

A wealth management platform provider sought to implement their enterprise wide Data Modernisation initiative to transform the existing on-premises warehouse and analytics environment to the cloud, leveraging the benefits of scale, elasticity and cost.
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Automated Financial Reporting

End-of-month financial reporting was becoming increasingly more arduous for the financial team of the transport service provider, dissatisfied with the reporting capabilities available from their existing reporting tool, sought a solution that would provide a more streamlined end-of-month reporting pipeline

Requiring manual consolidation and input, the team was spending more than three quarters of each month augmenting the reporting tool they had recently invested in.
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Knowledge Base Updates

Azure Purview (Preview) Announced

Years in the making, and maturing on the back of the release of Microsoft's Azure Data Catalog, Azure Purview began as an internal project within Microsoft to map their entire data estate assisting directly with transforming security and compliance in light of the new GDPR regulations.

Comprising of 3 main components:

  1. Data Discovery, Classification and Mapping
  2. Data Catalog
  3. Data Governance

This new service automates the discovery of data and cataloguing while minimizing compliance risk and helps customers map all their data, no matter where it resides, to provide an end-to-end view of their data estate.
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