Back it Up. Disaster Recovery in Azure

Back it Up.  Disaster Recovery in Azure

Hi Everyone. I hope you had a good week.

The topic for the next few weeks is Backup / Disaster Recovery / Migration of workloads to Azure VM's.  

Azure Recovery Services is a management tool that enables organisation to configure and manage all their backup and DR requirements from a single place.

It provides a simple to use interface to backup workloads located on-site or in Azure and both Windows and Linux based operating systems are supported (Windows 2008R2 and above). 

When creating a Recovery Services Vault, by default a GRS (Geographically Redundant Storage) is being used. If you wish to keep your data in LRS (Locally Redundant Storage), you can do it at the creation of the Vault only. There is no way to change the storage configuration after the creation of the Vault.

Although, the backup and recovery data is being replicated between 2 geographically separated data centres, there is no access to the replicated data during normal operation. Microsoft will make the data available for restore and recovery only if they declare an outage of an entire data centre.   

Backup Policies

Azure provide an extremely flexible and configurable retention policies. It is possible to keep backups up to 9999 years. I have configured couple of those, and I am looking forward to try and restore it in the year 12,016 :).


Backup Frequency, can be set for either daily or weekly (limited to once a day only!).

Retention can be configured as above. You can have as many recovery points as you wish. The only cost associated with that is storage cost.


·        Single backup per day - A lot of organisations require multiple backups during the day. Currently there is no option (not even with multiple Vaults)

·        Azure VM and Azure Vault have to be located at the same region. If you deploy VM's in different regions, you will need to manage multiple Vaults


·        Low cost, simple to manage backup solution

·        File level restore from backup is now in public preview and working well


Next week will discuss different scenarios for backups of Azure VM's and on site virtual and physical servers.


Have a great weekend!