BizData July Newsletter - Data Governance and Quality, Real-Time Business Alerts, Online Training and more

BizData July Newsletter - Data Governance and Quality, Real-Time Business Alerts, Online Training and more

Launch: Loome for Business Alerts and Data Quality Management

We are excited to announce the availability of Loome for Business Alerts and Data Quality Management this quarter.  Focused on improving data quality and enabling a robust governance framework, the latest Loome update now provides you the ability to gain a 360 degree view of process compliance across all of your operational systems and drive data quality ownership across your enterprise.

Loome for Business Alerts and Data Quality Management allows you to: 

  • Quickly establish a library of business or data quality rules
  • Automatically execute these rules across any application or database
  • Assign responsibility for resolution
  • Generate real-time alerts at the point of detection and capture feedback against each task

As part of the launch we are running 2 special online events to demonstrate exactly how Loome addresses key issues of any analytics initiative.  Make sure you register by clicking on a session time that suits and we will see you there.

Tuesday August 18th: Data Quality Management

Thursday August 20th: Business Alerts Management

Session 1: 8:00am - 9:00am (AEST)

Session 2: 12:00pm - 1:00pm (AEST)

Session 1: 8:00am - 9:00am (AEST)

Session 2: 12:00pm - 1:00pm (AEST)

5 Good Data Governance Principles Revealed

After over 15 years of partnering with our customers to mature and modernise their analytics initiatives we thought it would be a good time to share our experience, lessons learned, and best practices with our community.

As part of a series of e-books we will be publishing this year, Nadav Rayman, Director of Sales and Marketing and a Data Quality and Governance enthusiast, has put together 5 key Data Governance principles that are essential to success.  A must read for anyone looking to better enable a data-centric culture company-wide.

Analytics with Power BI Training is now Online!

The best Power BI Training is now available online and live

If you currently work with data in Excel or other analytical tools, create report visualisations and have an intermediate knowledge of statistics then this live, online training day is for you.

Our training program uses the Power BI Desktop application to create solutions but will also cover key features of the cloud service as a live Instructor led module.

Covering key concepts, best practices and practical applications in Power BI, you will have an opportunity to work on practical labs together with our instructors on the day, ensuring you have everything you need to start to make your Power BI journey a success.  

Training Schedule:

Tuesday 15th of September 10:30am - 5:00pm AEST Register September

Power BI Updates

Deployment pipelines, mobile authoring, personalised visuals and more.

Power BI releases this quarter have included a more powerful deployment process for reports, new capabilities to instil better data governance practices and enhanced mobile analytics. 

With data quality being one of the most vital aspects of analytics, tools that help facilitate it can help build trust in data organisation-wide. Every quarter, Power BI enhancements like these help us deliver better outcomes to our customers. We also like to spotlight some of the more interesting announcements for our community to get excited about as well.

Customer Success Stories

Online Datathon for Digital Health Data 

An initiative by a main cooperative research centre in Australia in partnership with Microsoft, wanted to run a series of health datathons with clinical practitioners, researchers, academics and university students in medicine and nursing, as well as professional in other areas of the Health sector.  

The goal of the datathons was to impart practical skills to students, academics, researchers and clinicians for how to use cloud data platform and machine learning tools in their educational and professional careers.  READ MORE 

Mobile Reporting and Analytics for Banking

As part of an enterprise-wide data and analytics platform modernisation initiative, a tier 1 bank sought to pro-actively enable their bankers with mobile compatible reports providing critical insight to ensure the financial stability of their customers.  


Data Platform Modernisation with Azure DevOps

A national financial services provider sought to modernise their existing on-premises analytics platform and alleviate the growing burden of attempting to effectively manage their “at capacity” infrastructure.  


Online Loan Application and Case Management Platform

Considering the current pandemic and the crippling economic effects on many households, a not for profit organisation sought to define and design a more streamlined and efficient loan application and processing workflow which would allow affected community members to submit applications quickly and easily. 


Additional Projects this Quarter:

Knowledge Base Updates

Must have attributes of a Modern Data Warehouse

Data Warehousing technology has been rapidly evolving which leaves many businesses trying to understand what benefits are to be gained by adopting a modern data platform. It is no longer simply about having a structured, relational database hosted on an on-premises server. 

Here are some of the key elements to consider

ETL vs ELT in Modern Data Platforms

The difference between and ETL and ELT has created an ongoing debate as to which one is the optimal choice for enterprise data storage and analytics. The discourse has shifted back and forth affected by changes in data platform technology and reductions in processing constraints. 

Find out the distinction and why it matters

Australian Cloud Cross Border Risks in 2020

The cloud data platform landscape in Australia has changed rapidly both in the infrastructure as well as in the applicable data laws. Cross border risks were once one of the major concerns for organisations looking to put their sensitive data on the cloud. Where would my data actually be located? 

Find out more