BizData October Newsletter - WFH Halloween Edition

BizData October Newsletter - WFH Halloween Edition

BizData accelerates PathWest 3rd Generation Sequencing in World First

BizData builds stem donor matching platform for WA lab and helps create genome matching system built on Microsoft Azure.

PathWest Laboratory Medicine WA in Western Australia is using Microsoft Azure High Performance computing 

(HPC) to improve transplant outcomes.  In a world first, PathWest in partnership with BizData have developed a data pipeline using Azure HPC and Loome allowing the laboratory to quickly and securely analyse immune systems to better identify compatible donors and recipients, and significantly reduce the risk of organ rejection.

According to Dianne De Santis, senior scientist in the department of clinical immunology at PathWest, the newly automated pipeline has replaced many manual processes and dramatically accelerates the ability to HLA type more donors with a quicker turn-around time.

“We are the first laboratory to be able to do third-generation sequencing in four hours; that’s just not been done before,” Dr De Santis said.

PathWest also offers a round-the-clock service for deceased donor organ allocation. Once a match is found, transplants are performed at two Perth hospitals. De Santis says that the lab can now provide an HLA typing result of the donor organ at a resolution that has not been available before, in just four hours.

 “Finally, we worked together over several weeks to run multiple tests to validate the quality and accuracy of the results, by comparing them to new and historical analysis results obtained with their on-premises manual data analysis pipeline,” states Director of Research and Advanced Computing at BizData, Felipe Ayora.

“The ground-breaking work that Dr De Santis and the team at the PathWest Department of Clinical Immunology are performing holds enormous promise for organ transplantation worldwide,” said Nic Woods, Microsoft Australia chief medical officer.

“Being able to dramatically reduce the ischemic time between the sample being collected and being fully analysed is hugely important to the viability of a transplant while the high-resolution analysis also increases the number of people who might now be considered for transplant. BizData’s platform, which is built entirely on Azure, automates the genetic analysis of almost 4,000 files or 250 gigabytes… which are then interpreted to provide a huge amount of information about the donors. This breakthrough has enormous implications not only for Western Australia but globally, and Microsoft is proud to be able to support this important work.”

BizData announced as strategic Microsoft partner for Fundraising and Engagement

BizData has been responsible for driving and delivering digital and analytics transformations for nonprofit organisations in Australia for several years, and we are excited to be named as the Microsoft Launch Partner for the latest Microsoft Tech for Social Impact (TSI) initiative.

The Microsoft TSI Group have been focused empowering the nonprofit sector by accelerating critical digital transformation across millions of organisations globally.

"Our top priority is getting technology into the hands of nonprofits to help them be more successful. The tech sector has a responsibility to provide an easier and less costly path for nonprofits to modernize its fundraising and constituent management programs. And with the impact COVID-19 has had, there has never been a more critical time to deliver on that vision." states Erik Arnold, Global Chief Technology Officer, Tech for Social Impact, Microsoft Philanthropies in his October announcement of the launch of the latest industry-specific solution "Fundraising and Engagement for Dynamics 365 Sales".

The solution is specifically designed to help fundraisers, marketers, and development operations staff transform the way they work with workflows and business logic to match their priorities.  Leveraging Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise and Azure, Fundraising and Engagement aims to support the entire fundraising ecosystem including payment processing, data management, campaign segmentation and analytics.

If you would like to find out more please reach out to our team to explore your opportunities further.

8 Things to do RIGHT NOW to Improve Data Quality

After over 15 years of partnering with our customers to mature and modernise their analytics initiatives we thought it would be a good time to share our experience, lessons learned, and best practices with our community.

The second instalment of our series of eBooks uncovers actions you can take right now to have a positive impact on Data Quality.

Nadav Rayman shares his experience and best practice recommendations to better understand the importance of the quality of data you work with and how a few key process changes can improve the quality of the data decisions rely upon.

Accelerate Genomics Analysis with Databricks on Azure

We are fortunate to have 3 incredible presenters from BizData, Microsoft and Databricks running an interactive session exploring the benefits of running your secondary and tertiary analysis pipelines on Azure, at scale and interactively, using 1-click deployment capabilities and collaborative workspaces.

Dr Nic Woods will kick off the session and provide an overview of how High Performance Computing has changed the speed of genomic research globally.  Dr Woods is the Chief Medical Officer for Microsoft Australia, and has over 25 years of experience in clinical medicine and digital health globally.

Felipe Ayora, BizData's Director of Research and Advanced Computing will discuss why the genomics solution offered on the Databricks platform is a game changer for customers requiring a fast, reliable and flexible platform that can vastly accelerate genomics analyses.

William Brandler, Solution Architect at Databricks will take you through a practical demonstration covering how Databricks can be used to process genomics data on a population scale and use cases for population scale genomics, from drug discovery to Mendelian randomization.

A session not to be missed. Register to secure your spot.

Microsoft 'In a Day' Training: Azure, AI and Analytics

Microsoft Azure in a Day and Analytics in a Day for November and December 2020

We have been delivering Microsoft "In a Day" training sessions for a number of months now, and continue to be impressed with the enthusiasm and passion of people across Australia seeking to grow their Analytics and AI capabilities, not just for their current roles, but for their department, and organisation.

These training sessions are focused providing you core concepts, hands-on labs, and practical implementation of Microsoft Azure AI and Analytics

Completely free, and hosted live online by our AI, ML and Analytics experts, "In a Day" events are not to be missed.

Training Schedule:

Analytics in a Day Tuesday 17th November 1:00pm - 5:00pm AEDT Register Now
Azure in a Day AI Monday 14th December 9:00am - 5:00pm AEDT Register Now

Power BI Updates

Microsoft Teams integration, Data Security updates, Azure Databricks connectors and more.

Power BI updates over the last quarter have covered a lot of different territory, from underlying changes to how data security is handled to better integration with popular collaborative tools. We have picked out some of the more interesting and relevant in order to keep you up to date with the latest features, and also highlight which ones may be useful to consider for your next analytics initiative.

Customer Success Stories

Online Application Portal for COVID Financial Relief

A non-profit organisation providing financial assistance to those directly impacted by COVID-19 sought an online solution that would augment their existing telephone application process and ensure critical financial assistance would be accessible to a wider community.

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CICD with Azure DevOps for Infrastructure-as-a-Code Deployment

A wealth management platform provider sought to implement their enterprise wide Data Modernisation initiative to transform the existing on-premises warehouse and analytics environment to the cloud, leveraging the benefits of scale, elasticity and cost.

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Online Trade Reporting for Maritime Services

A maritime operations company involved in the movement of shipping and cargo in one of the largest ports in Australia sought to modernise their existing container tracking and analysis web application and provide a more robust, governed and secure solution that would provide agents the necessary reporting and self-service analytics capabilities required.

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Knowledge Base Updates

UK Health Dept loses COVID-19 Data 

Between 25th September and 2nd October Public Health England under reported national COVID-19 cases by 15,841. This was at a time when cases were increasing in the UK. A clear understanding of where they were occurring and where the trends were most pronounced was more important than ever in attempting to analyse and curb the spread.   

Find out what happened, and how it could have been prevented.

Expediting Data Pipelines for Researchers 

Data gathering and generation, as any researcher knows, is unhelpful unless it is processed efficiently and made to adhere to the parameters and reference points of the experiment. This whole process requires, amongst other things, storage capacity and compute resources which are traditionally built and maintained as expensive on-premises data infrastructure, and which usually require to be shared by several researchers and teams.

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How does a Customer Platform provide Useful Marketing Insight? 

The foundation of most businesses is a singular, critical element; their relationship with customers. Analysing what is and isn’t working, and how to best serve the customer is vital in maintaining the health and growth of a business. 

Find out what the key challenges are and how you can overcome them