BizData takes Netwealth to the cloud with Azure Data Lake and Azure Synapse Analytics

BizData takes Netwealth to the cloud with Azure Data Lake and Azure Synapse Analytics

"We obviously have some fairly stringent industry requirements around our data security, data sovereignty. A lot of our compliance requirements involve our data, so we need to be very mindful of that and very careful about where it is and who has access”
Nathan O’Mara, product owner, data and analytics for Netwealth

Microsoft and BizData have successfully taken Netwealth, a wealth management business with over 80.000 members and $34 billion funds under management from limited on-premises infrastructure to the cloud and have opened the way for Netwealth to experience new self service analytics opportunities.

BizData brought their depth of experience in Azure Analytics Platform deployments and end-to-end Data Governance expertise to help build a strategy to modernise on the cloud.

The Azure Synapse platform facilitates the processing, storage and querying of terabytes of data exceptionally more simple and easier to manage. The solution provides ‘on demand’ capacity as well as allowing for the processing of a larger data sets than currently available.

Key aspects of the implementation that BizData brought to the engagement included:

  • Low friction data warehouse ingestion and transformation patterns
  • Leading implementation experience working with Microsoft MPP technologies (including table geometry expertise) for Data Warehouse workloads (now Azure Synapse DW)
  • Data Lake implementation patterns to support Real-Time, AI and Big Data processing Data Ops (leveraging Azure Dev Ops) expertise
  • End-to-End experience with the Analytics suite of technologies
  • Knowledge Transfer and Support for the internal data engineering team on Cloud Analytics Platform Development 

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