Calendar KPIs

The Calendar visual allows you to display your data on a Calendar. Displaying one calendar month at a time, each date shows the value of the selected measure on that day.  KPIs can also be added to the visual so that the shading on each date indicates performance against a target. An alternative to displaying time series data on a line chart, the calendar visual allows you to see at a glance performance over a calendar month.


With the use of a holiday flag column (1/0) the calendar can shade out selected days, including weekends and public holidays. When in use, any day marked as a holiday will not be included in the KPI colouring.

As you can see, without the holiday flag the 13th of June had a very poor performance, however as it was a public holiday, the use of the flag removes it from comparison.


To enable KPIs the data_values configuration can be set with a total of 4 ranges.


The dataState2 field allows the colour applied to days marked as holidays to be changed.

To set up the visual the following fields are required in the following order:

·        A field used for sorting such as a data or Datekey field,

·        Year

·        Month

·        Day of Month

·        Holiday flag (optional)

·        Measure.

The default display for the visual when a date is selected in the first field is to show the last month where there is a value for the selected measure. When a Datekey is used, the visual will default to the selected user sort order on that field.


Selecting a day on the calendar will filter to show that week of data. Selecting the month title will again return to the full month.


Left and right arrows will allow you to change the display month.

While the |< and >| arrows will go to the first or last month with data.

The first day of the week is set to Sunday.

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