Loome Software Launch, New Zealand Expansion - November 2019 Newsletter

Loome Software Launch, New Zealand Expansion - November 2019 Newsletter



Perspective ILM is now Loome Software

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We are proud to announce the launch of Loome Software, a suite of products that seamlessly bring together 3 key elements of analytics; the data you have, the technology you work with, and ultimately the people that can make a change.

With over 100 native connectors, Loome Software has been specifically designed to integrate with the most popular applications including Power BI, Tableau, Marketo, Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Azure SQL DB/DW, Snowflake and more, providing a governed analytics orchestration framework for your entire enterprise.

BizData Expands to New Zealand

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Welcome to our New Zealand Director: Felipe Ayora

We are excited to announce that Felipe Ayora has joined the BizData team after a career of nearly 15 years with Microsoft. His career started at Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond, where Felipe worked first on Windows Server and more recently on Azure cloud technologies, as part of the HPC Engineering team at Microsoft.  

Felipe and his family relocated to New Zealand with Microsoft almost 5 years ago, and since then he has worked with multiple customers in New Zealand and Australia, as well as in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and several other countries across Asia, on multiple cloud adoption projects for Research and HPC technologies, and other advanced workloads.

As Director of Research and Advanced Computing, Felipe heads up BizData's first New Zealand office, bringing his many years of personal experience and expertise to our customers, together with the wide portfolio of solutions and cloud integration capabilities that BizData has been offering clients in our region for close to 15 years.

Brand New Training

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4 Modules, 4 days.  Everything you need to make analytics matter.

We are rolling out a brand new training program that will arm you and your organisation with the necessary tools to get the most value out of your data investments.

Covered over 4 individual modules, our latest training material developed by the leading Analytics experts including Nadav Rayman and James Pearce, provide both trainer led, and practical labs covering:

  1. Establishing an Analytics operating model
  2. Analytical problem solving
  3. Operationalising Analytics
  4. Practical Desktop Analytics

Live Webinar

a photo of a hand stacking blocks with the text saying marketing analytics with marketo and power bi

Focused on one of the world's most popular marketing automation platforms, Marketo, this session will cover how you can enable three core pillars that drive marketing success:

  1. Creating a Single view of customer across all marketing touch-points.
  2. Understanding the impact of marketing. Determining exactly what marketing can acquire and influence.
  3. Prioritising campaign investment. Knowing who to target and when, to be able to deliver the best yield.

Using Microsoft Power BI, we will demonstrate how data driven marketing can empower you to create more successful marketing automation workflows.

Latest Power BI Updates

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Power BI has introduced a number of enhancements this quarter including Azure Analysis Services Support, new capacity settings for Power BI Premium, brilliant updates to paginated reports including commentary and SQL Server Reporting Services report migration capabilities.

We've put together a comprehensive blog highlighting each of the new features we're excited to pass onto our customers. 

Customer Success Stories

Enterprise Single Contact View

A diverse not-for-profit professional services provider sought to implement an analytics platform that would provide an enterprise-wide single view of contacts and organisations and provide the necessary insight to drive cross-sell opportunities across the business.

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Cloud Consumption Optimisation 

A financial services provider had recently migrated their on-premises infrastructure the cloud and sought to uncover a more cost-effective consumption and services model whilst maintaining expected performance levels.

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Traffic Analytics with Power BI and Snowflake

A toll road corporation was facing a growing challenge on how to account for diminishing daily trips on their roads. A third-party provider had been previously engaged to analyse their sensor data and to deliver forecasts of traffic volume. These forecasts had proven to be incorrect, predicting an increase of 5%, whereas there had actually been a decrease of 1% in traffic volume.

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SLA driven Task Management Optimisation

A major construction project sought a governed and regulated solution to better implement quality control, change management and contractual reporting obligations to their clients.

The team faced a growing challenge of being able to extract and report the required metrics determining adherence to the SLAs in place.

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Cloud Analytics Platform for Finance

An international investment and fund management organisation sought to modernise their analytics capabilities and introduce a more automated, governed and consolidated 360 degree view of their investment group network.

The organisation realising the limitations of scale with their existing on-premises environment, sought a more unified analytics platform.

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Self Service Analytics with Finance OneView

A major property management organisation with a vision to modernise their existing reporting and analytics capabilities, sought a unified solution that would provide a single view of their finance and provide self service capabilities across the company.

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