Native Hubspot, Salesforce and MYOB Integration - Newsletter April 2019

Native Hubspot, Salesforce and MYOB Integration - Newsletter April 2019

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This quarter saw a number of new features and updates released for Data Governor Online, making it easier and faster to connect to almost 100 different data sources through a single web console and giving you the ability to set up a cloud-based, Big Data Analytics workflow in a matter of hours. 

Hubspot, Salesforce and MYOB: 

Data Governor now connects to Hubspot and Salesforce, allowing you to migrate your entire Sales and Marketing data to your existing or new Data Warehouse, giving you greater insight to measuring your Marketing Campaign Effectiveness.  

Native connection to MYOB AccountRight Desktop is now also available as a source, meaning you can also migrate your existing payroll and inventory data to your Data Warehouse in a more streamlined manner.

Workplace Security Management, access to ML models, Export functionality and more: Power BI Updates

Power BI  have announced a number new features this quarter, some of which will have a significant impact not only on the way we build Power BI solutions for our customers, but also in the way in which customers can administer, adopt and scale their Power BI reports with ease.

With this in mind, we have decided to put together our top picks, how the updates can effect you, why they are important and how you can take advantage of these features yourself.

You can read about these on our latest Power BI blog

ME Bank discusses Data Transformation and partnership with BizData

Watch Annie South, the General Manager for Enterprise Data at ME Bank as she talks about her Data Transformation journey, the importance of data to ME Bank, and the success of their partnership with BizData.

Microsoft prioritises AI for Earth with $50m into research

Microsoft has put forward $50 million towards catalysing solutions to real world issues in ecology and climate science. They aim to do this through subsidising exposure to cutting-edge advancements in AI and cloud technology.

With six Australia companies receiving a share, including universities and NGOs, the program focuses on arming researchers with the computational tools they need to help develop a clearer picture and ultimately work towards resolving the very real and relevant problems the world currently faces.

Azure Sphere, the latest Microsoft project focusing on privacy and security

With the Internet of Things increasingly encompassing more of the physical world around us, there have become increasingly more concerns about the privacy and security of these devices. Azure Sphere, a new Microsoft project, aims to extend the highest levels of system security all the way down to the processors, microcontrollers and firmware that make up the ever-growing Internet of Things.

The aim of this project is to give users a greater level of trust in the “silicon ecosystem” and enable it to grow upon a secure foundation.