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Introducing Ezra - An Intelligent Chat Bot Accelerator

Businesses are increasingly looking to Artificial Intelligence technologies to enable them to better anticipate the needs of customers and internal staff but the process of creating a chat bot that can conduct a sensible conversation is complex.

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Perspective - Enterprise BI Portal v4.2 released.

The latest release of the Enterprise BI Portal is all about asset management, and boy does it deliver.  A new asset embedding framework now allows you to embed any web based asset directly into the portal.  To remove the complexity of embedding assets, the new version also comes with easy to follow wizards that guide you step by step through the process.Find Out More

Perspective - Data Governor v5.1 released.

Version 5.1 of Perspective - Data Governor brings the capability to now connect to everything.  The latest enhancement supports SaaS as well as any on-premises applications and databases, you can now connect to everything and anything you want, and integrate it with ease. Try it on App Source today.

Power BI Desktop gains Drill-Through capabilities and launches Insights in preview.

The Microsoft Power BI team release new features and enhancements every month based on the feedback from the Power BI Community.

This quarter saw the release of  'drill-through'  filters that allow you to create a page in your report that provides details on a single ‘entity’ in your model, such as a customer, manufacturer, product, or location, and then use any data point referring to that ‘entity’ column through the report to navigate to that drillthrough page with the matching filter context.