Zero to Insight with Snowflake, Power BI and Azure Updates - Newsletter August 2019

Zero to Insight with Snowflake, Power BI and Azure Updates - Newsletter August 2019

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Azure introduces greater security, performance and super computing.

This quarter saw the announcement of a number of new updates from Azure, including preview releases of Azure Data Share, Azure Bastion and Azure SQL Database serverless. Focused on hyper security and performance, Microsoft continues to commodify super-computing capabilities in the cloud.


Azure SQL DW announced preview availability of result-set caching, materialized views, and ordered clustered columnstore indexes. Focused on speed, these updates promise to deliver greater performance with no additional cost.

First to scale to 10,000 cores, HPC Azure VMs reached a huge milestone, formally only available to exclusive super computers.  Now available for anyone on Azure, this level of computing is a massive breakthrough for scientists and researchers who have previously been hindered by on-premises computing limitations and exorbitant running costs.


Connecting from the outside into a private network has traditionally been a security minefield, the release of Azure Bastion has found the answer. A new managed PaaS service that provides seamless RDP and SSH connectivity to your virtual machines over the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This is completed without any exposure of the public IPs on your virtual machines.

Support for Dynamic Data Masking (DDM) announced for Azure SQL DW, now allows you to protect private data, through user-defined policies, ensuring it’s visible only to those that have permission to see it.

Power BI Announcements

At BizData we always keep a close eye on the evolution of Power BI and watch its developments closely. As Power BI continues to roll out new features, we observe and think about how we can use them to deliver better solutions to our clients. 

With this in mind, we have decided to put together our top picks, how the updates can effect you, why they are important and how you can take advantage of these features yourself.

Our latest Power BI blog covers:

  • Siri Integration with Power BI Mobile iOS App Preview
  • Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) Functionality Preview for Power BI Premium
  • Power BI Aggregations General Availability
  • Power BI Report Server Updates
  • Improved Power BI Dataflows

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Zero to Insight with Snowflake on Azure

Join BizData and Snowflake for an in-depth discovery session into sourcing insight with Snowflake on Azure.

Exploring three pillars that orchestrate the creation of a modern data analytics platform, BizData, in partnership with Snowflake will demonstrate what is needed to economise data analytics activities into a streamlined, seamless and elastic environment, providing near real-time insight on all of your enterprise data.

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