Quarterly Newsletter - July 2021

Quarterly Newsletter - July 2021

Latest announcement

Data Science and AI: Welcome Dr James Pearce

We are excited to welcome Dr James Pearce as the Director of Data Science and AI at BizData. Dr James Pearce is a recognised thought leader in data science and machine learning with over two decades of industry experience. James has worked with large Australian banks, insurance companies and data consultancies to help people solve their complex business problems using analytical techniques ranging from statistical analysis through to machine learning and AI.

Most recently he worked with Suncorp where he implemented their data science platform and built models to detect insurance fraud. James is passionate about teaching machine learning, analytical problem solving and data storytelling.

James and the team spearhead BizData's focus on helping clients move beyond reporting and establish their competency in advanced analytics and data-driven automation using cloud analytics platforms.

Customer success story

BizData takes Netwealth to the cloud with Azure Data Lake, Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Cognitive Services

Microsoft and BizData have successfully taken Netwealth, a wealth management business with over 80.000 members and $34 billion funds under management from limited on-premises infrastructure to the cloud and have opened the way for Netwealth to experience limitless self service analytics opportunities. - Read the Microsoft Case Study

“We need to be very flexible about how we expose, secure, maintain and access our data. And that’s where we think the whole Azure ecosystem will benefit us.” [ARN] - Nathan O’Mara, product owner, data and analytics for Netwealth

Power bi updates

Several features released this quarter have focused on faster deployments, deployment governance, data quality and more embed options with open-source projects. The quarter saw the introduction of AI development in Power BI, allowing developers to use natural language to automatically generate DAX expressions for calculations and brought in automatic aggregations enabled over any data source including Azure Synapse Analytics and SQL.

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case studies

Modern Cloud Data Platform Pilot

A major university, with over 40,000 local and international students embarked on an organization-wide data modernisation strategy that would enable a consistent and centralized approach to delivering data access for analytics. - Read More

Energy Management Optimisation

The facilities management organisation delivering utilities and engineering solutions for major retail outlets across Australia, needed to deliver analytics for energy optimisation based on data collected from over 7,000 meters nation-wide. - Read More

Modern Cloud Data Platform Migration Roadmap

A not-for-profit organisation sought to implement a modern cloud data platform to enable better governance and cross-team collaboration across data engineering, data analytics and data science teams. - Read More

Power BI Tenancy Migration

A national asset services provider for utilities sought to migrate their existing Microsoft Power BI tenancy to Australia to meet compliance and data sovereignty requirements. The services provider utilizes over 1000 reports, with close to 2,500 data sources across 1,500 workspaces and 250 dashboards in Power BI. - Read More


Seamless Integration in 3 clicks

The preview release of Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse is radical.

This latest development from Microsoft (building from the May 2020 announcement of Azure Synapse Link for CosmosDB) now allows you to connect Dataverse data to Azure Synapse.

Azure Synapse Link allows you to visualize data in your Azure Synapse workspace, and start processing the data to discover insights using advanced analytics capabilities for serverless data lake exploration, code-free data integration, data flows for extract, transform, load (ETL) pipelines, and optimized Apache Spark for big data analytics. - Read More