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Power BI Custom Visuals

Power BI Custom Visuals

Power BI Custom Visuals

We are proud to announce the launch of two brilliant Custom Power BI Visuals available for you to download today.  Created by our talented Solution Advisory Team, the downloads include a sample Power BI desktop file demonstrating how the visual Read More

Calendar KPIs

The Calendar visual allows you to display your data on a Calendar. Displaying one calendar month at a time, each date shows the value of the selected measure on that day.  KPIs can also be added to the visual so that the shading on each date ind Read More

Parallel Co-ordinates

The Parallel Coordinates visual is a line chart which plots values over multiple dimensions rather than over a continuous series. Each data point has its own vertical axis and can therefore plot data which have different scales and formats. The paral Read More

Creating a Calendar Table in Power BI

Calendar dimensions are necessary to enable time intelligence functions in Power BI to work. However, they are not always available from the source system you are using for the model. There have been many blog posts and articles about how to get arou Read More