Customer OneView

    A single, 360 degree view of your customers.

Customer touchpoints are commonly spread across multiple, disparate systems throughout the entire sales cycle. To gain a 360 degree, single view of a customer is either impossible or requires extensive manual intervention.

Implementing the Customer OneView Solution can provide the necessary foundation for marketers to exploit up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, and optimise their channel investments.

Establish a
Single View
  • Bring together customer details from multiple sources
  • Keep customer information current
  • Segment quickly and efficiently to target more effectively
Gain Deeper
  • Predict future demand
  • Build a clearer picture of customer behavior and lifestyle
  • Know your customers better and address their specific needs
Up-sell and
  • Target multi-channel marketing at the right time
  • Market the right product when you know your customer is ready
  • Recognize the up-sell and cross-sell opportunities before they arise
The solution we implemented on Azure has relaid the foundation for us and for the first time we are able to have a single view of our customer.
- Branko Ceran, Chief Information Officer, NSW Cancer Council

Our Promise to you

Customer OneView enables a coherent view of your customer base.

Solution in Action

Single Customer View for Credit Provider
Single Customer View for National Charity Organisation
Single Customer View with Master Data Services

Customer Testimonial

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Solution Benefits

  • Single, unified and governed view of your entire customer base
  • Deeper behavioural insight into each individual customer
  • Capability to better predict and meet customer demand at the right time