Develop Data Products

How do we help you develop and deliver Data Products?

Monetise your data. Differentiate your Services.

Architecture, Design and

We will bring our knowledge of current Cloud Architectures, Data Integration and Analytics patterns to ensure that your architecture will scale to meet the demands of an external facing product or service.

Turnkey Platform Provisioning and Data Integration

With a deep knowledge of the Azure Cloud and the Cortana Suite, we can help you package your IP and automate deployment to new customers.

Training, Support
Managed Services

We design training programs to help deive your customer adoption. We provide ongoing support to provide certainty to our team if issues arise.


We can work with you end to end to build a Chat Bot, Machine Learning model, IoT or Big Data Processing Pipeline and Dashboard suite.


Advanced Data products

Turn your operational data into a product that can be accessed via subscription or as a value added service, using Machine Learning and Power BI.

Customer Facing Analytics Portals

Use our framework to rapidly create a unified branded web experience for your customers to access your analytics services.

Turnkey Data Integration

Use our framework to rapidly create an analytics layer to your operational data.

Real-Time Intelligent Applications

Plug in Artificial Intelligence to your existing software application or website to provide a richer customer experience.

Featured Projects

Do more with your data.

Feel free to contact us. If you have a question about any of our solutions, products or would like to arrrange a live demonstration, simply reach out and we will get back to you with the answers you need.

Head Office: Level 9, 278 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC Australia 3000
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