Data Governance and Quality

    Ensure that your data is reliable enough to support efficient
    operations and strategic analytics initiatives.

Reclaim valuable time and resources trying to resolve data quality issues on-the-fly or verifying data for analysis. Becoming a successful data-driven organisation requires a proactive approach to identifying and resolving data quality issues, and a clear roadmap of initiatives to ensure that data is accessible and meaningful.

Our experienced team of data quality specialists will help you establish your data governance processes and setup a framework to proactively monitor data quality and assign ownership to resolve issues.

Prioritise investment in Data
  • Launch a decision making organisational structure for submitting and reviewing business cases
  • Understand investment needs using a data readiness assessment framework
  • Establish a standard service catalogue for data services
Establish an effective Operating Model
  • Identify Hub and Spoke functions, staff roles and responsibilities
  • Establish a rating scheme, data asset promotion process and code of conduct
  • Publish a data catalogue and glossary to drive consistent use of data
Monitor Data Quality
  • Capture and triage issues across the Enterprise in a central register
  • Establish Data Ownership and Stewardship Roles
  • Establish a knowledge base of rules to detect and track data issues in systems

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