Ezra - Chat Bot Accelerator

Businesses are increasingly looking to Artificial Intelligence technologies to enable them to better anticipate the needs of customers and internal staff but the process of creating a chat bot that can conduct a sensible conversation is complex.

Ezra is a digital assistant that navigates your information universe so that customers and internal staff can easily have their questions answered irrespective of which system the information is stored in.

Generate and
Capture Leads
  • Guided interaction process allows customers to quickly get answers
  • Automate common customer services processes eliminating need to sit on hold or navigate a website
  • Ezra can clearly offer calls-to-action based on the nature of conversation and capture leads at the point of contact
Natural Language
  • Ezra understands and converses in natural language
  • Artificial Intelligence technology allows Ezra to understand the intent of each question and match to knowledge base
  • Business users can easily refine and manage the knowledge base with continuous feedback provided by Ezra and a simple tagging function for content
  • Integrated Power BI model provides immediate insight to commonly asked questions
  • Keywords, queries and responses are analyzed to provide complete transparency to how Ezra is used
  • This insight allows business users to tailor responses accordingly
31% of business executives believe “virtual personal assistants” will have the largest impact on their business, more than any other “AI-powered solution.

Our Promise to you

Ezra – Chat Bot Accelerator lets you take advantage of AI at a fraction of the cost to develop, with no code required.

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Solution Benefits

  • Customers have their questions answered quickly, without the need to ring or navigate your entire online content.
  • Business users can configure how Ezra responds with the exact information you want displayed.
  • Internal staff can find answers immediately rather than spending time going through multiple applications, by simply asking a question.