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Using hyperscale infrastructure to accelerate research analysis.

Today’s research institutions, medical centres, and research labs are looking for agility, easier management and access to enhanced resources and capacity to enable the increased demand for next-generation sequencing (NGS).

Our Genomics Pipeline Acceleration OnDemand solution provides a secure platform that significantly accelerates genomic analysis by making use of hyper-scale infrastructure in the cloud and tailored solutions.

Quickly uncover
  • Decrease the time to analyse genomic data, enabling larger studies and a wider research scope
  • Overcome bottlenecks of existing infrastructure to deliver answers faster and allow more time for final analysis
Hyper-scale infrastructure in the cloud
  • A cost effective, trusted and high performance platform for genomics workloads, including High Performance Compute, Blob Storage and Advanced Analytics (R, Hadoop, Spark and ML)
  • Sustainable storage and processing power flexes with demand, reducing overhead whilst advanced analytics capability can run in thousands of nodes in parallel
  • Azure provides the supercomputing and storage resources often difficult to access by independent researchers and institutions
  • Use existing tools, applications and workflow managers to process and analyse data
Microsoft Azure is enabling us to keep up with the data deluge in the DNA sequencing space, We’re not only analyzing data faster, but analyzing it more intelligently.
- Wu Feng, Professor of Computer Science, Virginia Tech

Our Promise to you

Genomics Pipeline Acceleration OnDemand provides a high capacity, secure and compliant solution to accelerate innovation in genomics.

Solution in Action

Big Compute for Genomics Research Workflows on Azure

Azure for Researchers

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Solution Brochure

High Performance Computing Pricing Calculator

BizData has developed an interactive pricing calculator to allow researchers to estimate the cost of processing Genomics data in Azure.

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