Market Share SmartView

    Machine Learning to identify the potential of new markets.

To truly understand the success of a business requires a view of their share of a market. This introduces the need to quantify the market potential by geographic area using market demographics and existing customer and sales data.

Market Share SmartView combines the power of Machine Learning and Power BI to provide actionable insight to businesses, allowing them to prioritise their field sales activity, direct marketing initiatives and investment in extending a branch network.

  • Market Share SmartView makes it easier to create highly-targeted marketing programs
  • Assists in smarter budget allocation for all marketing and expansion initiatives
  • Combine Sales data with geo-demographic and census data
Improved decision
  • Capability to compare locations based on potential margin
  • Ability to analyze “look a-like” market areas for greatest potential
  • Calculate ROI for property and branch investments
  • Power BI Dashboards that monitor performance against metrics
  • Integration of external data to quantify market size
  • Market Potential Model leveraging Azure Machine Learning to cluster market areas
Early AI adopters that combine strong digital capability with proactive strategies have higher profit margins and expect the performance gap with other firms to widen in the next three years.
- McKinsey Global Institute

Our Promise to you

Market Share SmartView enables you to better understand the scope of the entire market and identify your share of it.

Solution in Action

After-Sales Market Optimisation
Office Optimisation with Machine Learning
Dealership Network Expansion

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Solution Benefits

  • Surface your Market Share Potential based on customer, sales, branch and demographic data
  • Gain greater insight on how customers are positioned to buy, depending on past behavior, socio-demographic position and level of engagement
  • Consolidate disparate customer, sales and external data sources to gain a complete view of actual opportunities.