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AI for Marketing Ops.

A data-centric solution bringing together operational marketing activities with Azure.

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AI is swiftly becoming essential for delivering the personalised experiences customers expect.

For a marketer, AI driven recommendations based on customer activity provides the necessary insight to take timely action. Proactive marketing journeys can be set up to take advantage of up-sell / cross-sell opportunities or even preventative measures, for customers likely to churn.

Our platform built on Microsoft Azure provides the foundation for more intelligent, data-driven marketing ops. By harnessing the power of data and AI, we help you to improve the customer experience, grow customer life-time value and hit your growth targets with more speed and greater ease.

Built on Dynamics 365 Marketing and Customer Insights, leveraging the power of Azure Data Services, Azure Synapse, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Machine Learning and Microsoft Power BI Premium, our AIM solutions specialises in connecting and integrating your data, creating a powerful marketing engine and better understanding behaviours to automate campaigns.

Effortlessly connect multiple data sources and integrate both existing and third-party data to create comprehensive customer profiles, combining historical and real-time information. With robust data governance, you can continuously ingest new data while maintaining control. This powerful marketing engine not only tracks campaigns and customer engagement but also utilises machine learning to inform strategies, predict behaviors, and automate targeted campaigns.

Introducing a streamlined marketing hub, designed to establish a single view of all your social media platforms, including Twitter (X), Facebook, and LinkedIn. Our platform automates the creation of campaign dashboards, allowing for seamless analysis and organisation of your marketing efforts. Experience the power of drill-through capabilities to access in-depth insights on individual channels and campaigns, enhancing your overall marketing strategy.

A single-view to measure multi-channel marketing campaign effectiveness.

Discover which digital channels deliver the best results, and effectively measure your campaigns against key performance indicators (KPIs) to drive success. Additionally, enhance your comprehension of audience engagement by better understanding digital interactions with your content across various campaigns, enabling you to optimise your approach and achieve your marketing goals.