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ML Ops with Azure Machine Learning

Accelerate, manage and automate your machine learning lifecycle

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Manage ML code, data, artefacts and environment in a single repository.

A robust Machine Learning Operations solution is crucial for effectively handling the complexity of ML and AI tasks, allowing for the automation and scaling of processes, and consequently improving the quality, efficiency, and reliability of generated insights.

Azure Machine Learning is a cloud-based platform that provides end-to-end capabilities for building, training, deploying, and managing ML models. Azure DevOps is a platform for collaborative software development and delivery that integrates with Azure technologies including Azure Machine Learning. Our solution brings together the best of Azure to better manage models, govern ML code and track and compare experiments and metrics via a single hub.

Utilizing Analytics Design Markup Language (ADML), create and establish impactful data products, incorporate statistical methods, optimisation, and machine learning to enhance capacity planning, resource distribution, and anomaly identification. Promote an environment that embraces experimentation and continuous learning.
Scale machine learning deployments using ML Ops Framework and incorporate tools to minimise operational risks, uphold ethical guidelines and promote uniformity through a collection of best-practice templates.

Our expert team of big data engineers and data scientists will help you better understand your data, expedite advanced analytics model implementation, and design data lakes and workspaces for data science and research.

Streamline your AI initiatives in a secure, governed, and monitored environment.