Document SmartDetect

    Machine Learning and Azure Cognitive Services to power automated classification.

Correctly classifying documents for reasons of compliance, completeness and discoverability is pivotal to many organisations, yet can demand considerable allocation of resources.

Document SmartDetect combines the power of Machine Learning and Azure Cognitive Services to remove the burden of manually classifying thousands of documents, provides ease of discoverability and critical insight all through a single, web-based application.

  • Detect and route documents to the right audience
  • Minimise double handling of files landing in a common repository
  • Automate inbound file processing pipeline expediting time to action
  • Document format identification and conversion during pipeline process
  • Recommended classification based on content of each document, including identification of key words and phrases
  • Web-based document viewer allowing users to sight and verify in real time
Ease of
  • Keyword and phrase tagging in situ builds governed metadata for each document
  • Documents can be found from a single location
  • Chat Bot integration allows you to search for documents using natural language conversation
“Technology shouldn’t be an end in itself – but a tool to achieve an end, using machine intelligence to augment the human in the loop.”
- Frank Coles, Chief Executive Officer at Transas.

Our Promise to you

Document SmartDetect expedites your document processing pipeline from a single location.

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Solution Scenarios

  • Automate routing of inbound documents including emails and files
  • Implement an assisted Compliance Workflow for phone calls and contracts
  • Build a Chat Bot Knowledge Base based on Document and Transcript metadata