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Machine Learning to objectively estimate sales revenue.

Accurately predicting sales volumes every month helps to better manage cash flow and capacity planning to make sure that a business can keep up with customer demand. Consolidating these forecasts from a large workforce is a key challenge that prevents most businesses from providing a regularly updated view.

The Sales Performance SmartView Solution provides the opportunity to detect patterns that more objectively estimate sales revenue by taking into account seasonality, environmental and market factors and location.

your network
  • Bring together all branch sales and planning data into a single location
  • Govern branch reporting with standard business rules
  • Consolidated view of forecasts in real-time
Understand the
  • Increase granularity of data collected to include impact of seasonal changes, holidays, incentives and location
  • Gain daily insight to predicted sales performance
  • Take preventative action before targets are missed
  • Early actionable insight to future sales
  • More accurately predict sales volumes for each branch and manage supply more effectively
  • Daily scorecards and dashboards let you see exactly how each branch is performing
BizData was a natural choice as an implementation partner based on their depth of experience with implementing these systems for Finance, Sales and Operations.
- Sasha Nikolic, COO, Reece

Our Promise to you

Control your revenue and gain confidence in your sales pipeline.

Solution in Action

Sales Forecasting with Azure Machine Learning
Sales Pipeline Management
Customer Order Forecasting with Azure ML

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